Elijah Manley

Criminal Justice Reform

There are 176,000 people behind bars in Florida today, and another 115k under supervision according to the Prison Policy Institute. Many are people of color, low-income, and non-violent offenders. It's time to reform our criminal justice system, and decriminalize poverty. As your State Representative, I will fight to end cash bail, hold law enforcement accountable, and reform the prison system in favor of a decarceral system of restorative justice.

Prison Reform

Today, Florida’s incarceration rates stand out internationally. The State of Florida budgets $4½ Billion for prisons and corrections, while Florida's families struggle to keep their lights on. These same prisons and correctional facilities operate under disgusting conditions that only dehumanizes the inhabitants while violating human rights. As your State Representative, I will advocate for the closure of some of these facilities and ask the Governor to pardon non-violent offenders. They deserve to be at home with their families, contributing to Florida's economy instead of behind bars.

Medicare for-All

Over 40% of Americans ages 18-64 are either uninsured or underinsured. That number is rising. The United States has by far the highest costs and worst health outcomes in the developed world. I support Medicare for-All nationally. As a State Representative, I will fight for an expansion to Medicaid, and to lower drug costs for seniors.

Tuition Free College & Student Debt

It's time for Tuition Free College. Americans face a $1.5 trillion crisis of student debt. I believe that we should move towards tuition-free college for all Florida residents and place a cap on textbook prices to ensure that Florida's students are not gauged by large textbook companies.

Housing for All

I am incredibly proud to have signed on to the Homes Guarantee pledge. This campaign calls for Florida to invest $6b into public housing, and the eradication of homelessness over the course of four years. The money will come from taxing corporations. 99% of companies in Florida avoid paying the state corporate income tax.  

I believe that we must invest in public housing, build more than 1m affordable housing units across the state, and eradicate homelessness by providing homes for all.

Increase Education Funding

An additional investment of $1.5b into public education is necessary to bring Florida to the front of the nation in Education. Our children and educators deserve better.


Green New Deal

As Florida's coastal communities face sea level rise, as our aquifers face the threat of salt water intrusion, as climate change strengthens hurricanes and other tropical storms, resulting in billions of dollars in property damage — it’s times to bring a Green New Deal to Florida. I call for a very modest $1b commitment over four years to tackling climate change and sea level rise.

Take on Big Sugar

Toxic red tide is on its way to Florida soon, thanks to the greed and recklessness of the Big Sugar industry. It's time to take on this industry, and bring it under public control. I believe that if big sugar's destruction and recklessness will result in environmental pollution, they must pay for it. That's why I call for a 5% tax (per dollar over $1m dollars) on Big Sugar to cover the costs of pollution and remediation.

Public control over utilities

To fight the climate crisis, we must get rid of the profit motive. Big utility corporations like the Florida Power & Lights Co. (FP&L) are only concerned with their own bottom line, not Florida’s consumers. That’s why they spend millions on lobbyists & elections. To address this, we must bring these robber barons under public control. As a State Rep, I will introduce the legislation to do exactly that. It’s time to end the monopolistic stranglehold of the FP&L.

$15 Minimum Wage

Politicians and corporations want you to believe that your labor is only worth $8.05/Hour. As Florida's service workers and other hardworking Floridians work longer hours for lower wages, not being to afford their rent, medical bills, and everyday living necessities — it's time to demand a living wage of $15/hr indexed to the cost of living.

Repeal right-to-work

As a State Representative, I will introduce legislation in my first legislative session to Repeal the disastrous embarrassment of “Right to Work”, an attack on workers’ right to collectively bargain for better wages and working conditions.

Pass LGBT Bill of Rights

I will introduce an LGBT Bill of Rights in Florida to ban discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and advocate for the enshrinement of these rights into the Florida constitution.


Pass a Tenants Bill of Rights


In Florida, there aren’t many legal mechanisms to protect renters from landlord exploitation. If your family lived in public and section 8 housing like mine, you are aware that landlords refuse to make necessary repairs. You also are aware that landlords refuse to remediate homes of toxic mold/mildew/asbestos. They also refuse to ensure that tenants can live in a comfortable environment at reasonable rates without arbitrary increases in rent. As your State representative, I will introduce a Tenants Bill of Rights.

Invest $3b in Early Childhood Development

The most important time in a child's development are ages 0-5 years. As a state representative, I will fight for major investments in Early Childhood Development. I also will advocate for universal Pre-K and childcare for all families.

State Infrastructure Bank

Florida is a vast state, with a population of twenty-million people. To ensure that our population can consume and live in comfort, we must be able to move cargo, transport large amounts of people and update our outdated crumbling infrastructure. A State Infrastructure Bank would help accomplish that.

Invest in infrastructure

Florida's infrastructure is falling apart, and the Florida GOP wants new toll roads that  will double tax Florida's residents. I believe that the time is now for Florida to rebuild our crumbling roads and highways, end tolls, and invest in our wastewater plants.

Decriminalize Sex Work

Instead of criminalization, we should decriminalize sex work and provide resources, and services to those who engage in sex work. I also believe that we must end HIV-Criminalization laws and modernize our statutes.

Decriminalize Marijuana

Thousands of Floridians, mostly of color, sit behind bars for possession of marijuana. This is Jim Crow, plain & simple. It's time to decriminalize marijuana in Florida, and pardon all non-violent drug offenders.


Automatic Voter Registration

By state law, all Floridians should be automatically registered to vote at the age of majority. This will increase civic participation in our democracy.

Background Checks for Guns

In addition to taking on the gun show loophole, the ammunition loophole, and a 5-year ban on domestic abusers from accessing guns, we need to increase background checks for gun ownership.

Ending Food & Water Scarcity

In communities all across the state, fresh vegetation, and clean water is scarce. There are too many food deserts. We need a Community Resource Fund to invest millions into community planning, public grocery stores, food services, and accessible vegetation.

More hospitals, More clinics

A trip to the ER can be costly and timely. With more hospitals and clinics within our district, we can cut wait times and better manage emergencies. 

Tax Code Reform

Almost all (99%) of corporations in Florida avoid paying the state's corporate income tax. This is a travesty that must end. That's why I support progressive tax reform in Florida.

Internet for All

Access to internet service can be crucial, especially to communities in both low income and rural areas. That's why I support establishing a fund for local broadband or other innovative ideas for community internet access.


Restore Humanity to Immigration Policy


The right-wing extremist immigration agenda of the Trump Administration and the GOP has resulted in separated families, caged children, and a less sound world. Private prisons like the GEO Group makes millions of dollars caging children and incarcerating poor people. It's time to move past this dark era and include all of our residents in Florida's progress. That's why I support abolition of private prisons, detention centers, and facilities.

Increase Starting Teacher Salary to $70k/Year


Teachers are underpaid, undervalued, and overworked. We must not only reward our teachers, but make Florida the shining example for the rest of the country. That's why I support restoring steps, increasing the starting teacher's salary to $70k, and giving permanent raises to veteran teachers. We must also increase benefits for non-instructional staff, such as clerks & janitors.